28 September, 2018 10:37










She said that she was too young when she got married so she could not continue her education. She said that people come to meet Imran Khan pretending to her. She said she became the first lady with the blessing of Allah. She said if she will tell that what kind of person Imran Khan is it will take very long time. She said that there is no such person that is having any complaint against Imran Khan.

She said that one Imran Khan was in emotional pain she asked him what the problem is, he said that the plants are withered because of no rain they can die.

She said that one day she hushed the dog of Imran Khan he sat behind the sofa his eyes were wet he was crying. She said that she takes care of the dog of Imran Khan.

She said that Imran Khan is very simple man he wears and eats whatever is available. She said that Imran Khan has only three or four suits no other PM will have that many suits. She said that Imran Khan likes chicken and meat but eats in very simple manners. She said that she has not seen anybody simpler than Imran Khan.

She said that Imran Khan is not a politician he is a leader the only leader after Quaid-e-Azam. She said that there are only two Muslim leaders right now Erdogan and Imran Khan. She said that the people who say that what change has come after Imran Khan should think that they have found a leader after very long time. She said that the change cannot come overnightly.

She said that Imran Khan is a gentleman and a noble soul a noble soul can make mistakes but eventually return to its instinct. She said that every day before leaving for office Imran Khan prays to Allah to give him strength to serve the poor. She said that Imran Khan comes back late he pays his prays and pray two Nawafil to thank Allah as well.

She said that she went to old age home and she got so depressed that she could not sleep. She said that old people, poor and women are not being treated right in our society. She said that once she visits some orphan center of old age home the good change comes there not in days or weeks but in hours.

She said that it is not true that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) came into her dream and told her to marry Imran Khan. She said that covering her face is her decision and it is the part of the religion of Islam. She said that covering of face by a woman should not be criticized.

She said that she does not uses social media all of the accounts on her name are fake. She said that she loves fasting and fasts every Monday. She said that Imran Khan returns home late he sleeps about twelve to one O’clock. She said that she reeds books after Imran Khan Sleeps and she sleeps about six in the morning.

She said that she does not like to meet people.

She said that it is her faith that no matter how many difficulties are Imran Khan will survive. She said that she prays to Allah that regardless of the party whoever has plundered the poor do not spare him.

She said that she will continue working for helpless, poor and women because it gives her lots of satisfaction.



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