4 October, 2018 09:49









KHAWAR MANIKA said that it is not true that people take walk towards the shrine of Baba Fareed every year. He said that the walk is taken once in the life time. He said that he has taken the walk before and this time it was the turn of his children. He said that his son and daughter were walking towards the shrine of Baba Fareed when police stopped them and asked that where are they going. He said that meanwhile a police personal held the hand of his daughter and behaved impertinently. He said that the pint where check post was had never before. He said that when he reached at the spot his daughter told him that the police misbehaved with her and they were looking intoxicated. He said that the police started apologizing to him and asked to pardon them but he told them that now they will be pardoned where they should be from.

He said that next day he was going in car with his family when police stopped him again. He said that police told him that they want to search his car. He said that he called DPO and told him what was going on. He said that the police squad talked to DPO Gondal and then told them to go. He said that his car’s interior light was on and one police personal started making the video of his family. He said that Ahsan Jameel is a friend of his family since 1991. He said that he is thankful to Ahsan Jameel if he called to the CM but he did not approach anyone.

He said that he is thankful to the CJ who treated them like a father. He said that he wants justice so no one else daughter should be treated like him.

SALMAN AKRAM RAJA LAW EXPERT said that the court’s decision is not a new thing they said that corruption is not proved against Nawaz Sharif. He said that the court said that the prosecution could not prove that property belongs to Nawaz Sharif. He said that the court said that prosecution was supposed to provide initial evidence and then onus of the proof was on the defendant. He said that the Islamabad high court verdict to bail out Nawaz Sharif will affect his case of Panama. He said that the court has dropped the charge of Calibri font against Maryam Nawaz.

FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that there is one law for rich and other for the poor in Pakistan. He said that consider the statement of Rana Mashhood and the timing of the appointment of the new DGISI. He said that the court said that the property of under age children does not prove that the property belongs to the father. He said that if tomorrow his under age children become the owners of the property of billions no one should question about it. He said that PML-N is the favorite of the system. He said that PML-N did suspend Ran Mashhood on accepting the bribe on camera but did on his statement.

JAVED ABBASI OF PML-N said that PTI used to say that they have evidence of corruption against Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz. He said that Faisal Wada statement reflects the impression that the court decision against Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz was given on the recommendation of the previous DGISI.

NAZ BALOCH OF PPPP said that political cases are always filed against PPPP in this country. She said that PPPP always says that if someone has not committed any corruption he should not be punished. She said that in the past Nawaz Sharif went to Jeddah but this time he went to the jail.

She said that there is grouping in the PML-N if Maryam Nawaz is given the leadership of the party we have to see that how they move forward.



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