10 October, 2018 10:51










KHAWAJA SAAD RAFIQ OF PML-N said that he has better expectations this time as compare to the last one. He said that his votes were increased in the recounting in the last election as well. He said that he has another advantage that this time Imran Khan is not contesting against him. He said that inflation in two months of PTI government can also help him winning the election.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif is arrested and he is being threatened to arrest only because Imran Khan Slogan was to fight against the corruption. He said that accountability slogan is raised only to politically victimize people in politics. He said that he was cleared on corruption charges in 2006 by the court of law. He said that he will not like the accountability even of PTI leaders the way the accountability process is going on it should stop at some point. He said that Nawaz Sharif should have not gone to the court in the memo gate scandal.

He said that PPPP and PML-N got together in Islamabad and will be united in his constituency too. He said that he has defeated Humayon Akhter with the margin of 70000 thousand votes in the past.

He said that he believes in coherence in politics and not to create trouble for anybody.

HUMAYON AKHTER OF PTI said that NA-131 belongs to him he defeated Aetzaz Ahsan in the past in this constituency.

He said that he is the one that doubled Walton road and built green belt in the area. He said that there was no development in the area he is the one built libraries, parks, schools and colleges in this area. He said that Insha Allah he will defeat Saad Rafiq on 14th of October. He said that he will do his best to stop Saad Rafiq from rigging he is the master of rigging. He said that Insha Allah he will win with the margin of 15 to 20 thousand votes.

He said that the dollar price has gone up because of the devaluation of the rupee in Nawaz government. He said that PTI government has the strategy and will control the economic situation. He said that there are no differences in PTI; Waleed Iqbal is running his election campaign along side with him.


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