17 October, 2018 11:08








KHAWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that the government is going to IMF and they will make us accept their conditions to sanction the loan. He said that PML-N government is ready to discuss all the projects in the parliament. He said that the government is making the excuses to increase the electricity prices.

NABEEL GABOL OF PPPP said that PML-N government knew in January that PTI will make the next government. He said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi played well during the last days of PML-N government and left plenty of problems for Imran Khan.

DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that roads, power projects and industrial parks were built during the government of PML-N. He said that the production cost was less than what it was when PML-N took over power from PPPP. He said that the government has cut down the budget of education, health, dams and transmission lines.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that the NEPRA sets the prices of the electricity and not the government. He said that PML-N left the budget in such a depleted condition that PTI government had no other choice but to go to IMF.

He said that PML-N government set power plants to make its reputation but did not lie down the transmission lines. He said that three times PM did not but an international standard university and did not establish any of the institutions. He said that PPPP slogan was to provide roti, kaprra aur makan but none of these has been provided despite of the four times in the government. He said that PTI will provide five million houses to the poor on interest free loans.

He said that billions of rupees transactions are being made in the accounts of common people and that is what PTI is trying to make people realize.

He said that he will order to FIA to investigate the case of Mazakar Shah tomorrow.

MAZAKAR SHAH COMMON CITIZEN OF SIALKOT said that he went to the bank and learned that rupees seventy million transactions have been made in his account and he was outside the country. He said that he is told that he is under investigations. He said that he will appeal to the PM to investigate his problem and catch the responsible.


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