9 April, 2019 10:18








NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PTI said that there is so much black money in Pakistan if the government is going to give one chance to bring it out through amnesty scheme it should be appreciated. He said that our system is so weak that it cannot arrest Hamza Shahbaz. He said that PML-N should show just one institution they left in ideal situation.

He said that take the record of PML-N member’s wealth before and after they were elected it will make everything clear that how much corruption has been done in the country.

He said that there used to be many industrial groups in Pakistan but they are nowhere now and thug groups have taken over the industry in the country. He said that people of the previous governments have set their own industry taking the advantage of power. He said that justice should be served but those have looted the country must be punished. He said that democracy and accountability should keep separate and there should not be efforts to hinder the democratic process in the name of accountability by the opposition parties.

He said that first time sugarcane and cotton former is paid his full payment and same will be done to purchase the crop of wheat.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that PTI has never expressed any shame on their rhetoric before the elections. He said that who are those people PTI government is announcing amnesty scheme for? He said that the government announced to provide one billion jobs but according to the current growth rate people will lose their jobs. He said that inflation will go up by 13.50 in the next two years. He said that he believes that the PM is being misled on economy by his team. He said that the government should make some effort that should reflect that they are doing something to revive the economy. He said that the economy should be the first priority of the government it should be visible.

SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that Asad Umer was delivering a lecture on the economy but nobody could understand it. She said that Imran Khan said in the past that if a government increases the tax rates it means that the PM is corrupt. She said that instead of controlling the inflation the government is advising the nation for austerity.


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