3 October, 2019 12:07








NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that there is no plan to make any changes in the cabinet. He said that the opposition often spread rumors against PTI government.

He said that making any change in the cabinet is the prerogative of the PM and he can practice it any time. He said that the PM closely monitors the performance of the ministers and holds meeting every week.

MOHSIN SHAHNAWAZ RANJHA OF PML-N said that the business elite are not ready to invest in Pakistan anymore. He said that the economy of Pakistan is on decline.

He said that there are many advisors of the PM that have dual nationality they are not under oath but national issues are discussed in their presence. He said that many ministers fall in the conflict of interest category they should be excluded from the cabinet.

He said that the dengue fever is on spike because there is no governance in Punjab.

He said that PML-N is not going to join the rally of Fazal U Rehman right away but will wait for few days since JUI starts the rally and can decide to join it later.

HAFIZ HUSSAIN AHMED OF JUI-F said that the powers that brought current government in power are worrisome now. He said that the PM can make changes in the cabinet but changes will not ease the difficulties of the people.

He said that nine people have died because of dengue; cancer patients are not getting free medicines anymore and dialyses centers have been shut down.

He said that on one hand PPPP supports JUI rally and on the other hand does not want to take any unconstitutional step. He said that JUI has promised to PML-N and PPPP to bring fifty thousand people in the rally. He said that Imran Khan also used religious card by bringing Tahir Ul Qadri in his dharna.

DR YASMIN RASHID OF PTI said that when PTI took over the power there was huge current account deficit but her party is told not to talk about the past. She said that previous government left billions of rupees bounce cheques that are paid by her government.

She said that the industry started to shut down during the PML-N government and the business community invested in Bangladesh. She said that two million laborers of Faisalabad lost their employment in the previous government.

She said that DC of Rawalpindi district showed negligence in the anti dengue spray and the government took action against him. She said that in 2015 more than 4000 dengue patients were registered in Rawalpindi.

She said that this accusation is lie that cancer patients’ free medicines have been stopped or any patient died because the medicine was not available. She said that the government has spent thirty one billion rupees on the purchase of the medicines this year.

She said that PTI members are called selected by the opposition but their own members won in the same elections are called elected.

SHERY REHMAN OF PPPP said that PPPP will join the rally of Fazal U Rehman but will not like any unconstitutional or illegal action taken during the protest.

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