11 October, 2019 10:52








MIZA HAMEED OF PML-N said that her party meeting held yesterday to make the decision on joining JUI dharna but because of the back pain to Nawaz Sharif it has been postponed. She said that there can be difference between the thinking of Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif but the final decision will be taken by Nawaz Sharif. She said that the government is stupefied because of the call of dharna of JUI.

SASI PALEEJO OF PPPP said that PPPP will welcome the procession of dharna on the streets. She said that Fazal U Rehman has not clarified yet that what he is up to by doing dharna against the government.

She said that the party workers of JUI are tough if the resistance is enforced against them anything can happen.

WALEED IQBAL OF PTI said that Fazal U Rehman wants to start his dharna from Sindh because he thoughts he can be arrested if he starts from anywhere else. He said that the dangerous thing is this that Fazal U Rehman wants to exploit religious card that incites people. He said that the KPK government and the home minister have announced that if the dharna will be violent they will not allow it.

He said that JUI should be careful about protesting because if the situation goes astray third power can take the advantage of it.

He said that PPPP and PML-N are hesitant to join the dharna because they have apprehension that it might fail.

MAHMOOD KHAN CM OF KPK said that Fazal U Rehman is claiming to pull out 1.5 million people but he does not have that kind of support. He said that the students of madrassas should not be used for politics. He said that his government will try to stopping people not to go for dharna. He said that he will reveal it later that how he will not let people of KPK to go to dharna.

He said that he will not fire tear gas shells to protesters he will try to convince them politely.

He said that PTI government will remain in Punjab and the center and will complete five years of their tenure.

TAHIR ALIM KHAN FORMER IG POLICE ISLAMABAD said that even twenty five thousand people in Islamabad are difficult to control it seems like the gathering of 100000 people. He said that he believes that Islamabad police will take advantage of handling dharna of the experience of last time.

He said that he believes that JUI dharna will not be a success because the government and the establishment are on one page.

He said that Fazal will bring the students of madrassas in the protest but according to his information many people have already come to Islamabad.

He said that there are about three hundred dewbandi madrassas in Islamabad they can be vital in the protest.

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