17 October, 2019 11:10








SHIBLI FARAZ OF PTI said that he met with Fazal U Rehman regarding the elections of senate and not about dharna. He said that Fazal U Rehman demands are political and will try to resolve them politically. He said that PTI gave dharna after exhausting all the legal options. He said that if the government releases some people in jail and not collects taxes everything will be all right for the opposition. He said that JUI has connections with jamiat Ulema Hind and they will harm the Kashmir cause.

He said that the government has taken tough economic decisions and its positive results will come forward in six to eight months.

ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that whatever Fazal U Rehman will do his party will support him. He said that Fazal has opposed the option of dharna but if he goes for it his party will support it. He said that PTI dharna was limited to a small place but Fazal march will be in the whole of the country. He said that if any action will be taken against the protest the whole country will be jammed. He said that in Quetta city sixty seven votes were captured.

He said that his party restored peace in the country.

GHAFOOR HAIDRI JUI said that his party demands are clear if the government delegation wants to meet his party leadership they will. He said that JUI demands are that Imran Khan should resign and new elections should be called.

He said that his party workers keep sticks in their hands since independence. He said that is party workers keep sticks in their hands for security reasons.

He said that JUI dharna will take place in D Chowk and if the government will do any crackdown the whole country will be jammed down.

He said that 27th of October is decided for dharna because India entered its forces in Kashmir on this day in 1947.

He said that his party leadership will decide for dharna after the march that it will go to Lahore, Peshawar or Karachi.

He said that the party leadership will decide that dharna will for four or six months but his party workers are determined for it.

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