8 August, 2022 22:21






AKBAR -S -BABAR OF PTI said that his allegations on Imran Khan have become the charge sheet against him. He said that the total of banned funding is about one to one and half billion rupees. He said that the funding by Mubarak Al Nahyan has also been proved.

He said that the person named Imran Ch is a close friend of Imran Khan and he arranged the fund raising in the Middle East for PTI. He said that many Indians have also given money in the fund rising of PTI.

He said that PTI senior leadership was involved in the building of form houses schemes. He said that many servants of Banigala told him that huge amounts have been transferred from overseas in their accounts. He said that the money of prohibited funds is used for personal and party purposes.

He said that what Imran Khan has done he should resign from PTI.

HANIF ABBASI OF PML-N said that he took the case of Banigala land to the court but Imran Khan never answered any of the questions. He said that Imran Khan gave contradicted statements of Banigala land that he sold his flat in London and Jamaima gave him money to buy it. He said that he told to the court that Imran Khan is liar. He said that 13 accounts of PTI party funding are benami. He said that Arif Naqvi has put all the onus of money laundering on Imran Khan.

He said that a benami account of President Arif Alvi has been disclosed he should resign at once.

He said that Asad Umer, Pervez Khatak, Fawad Ch and Shah Mahmood Qureshi are also candidates from PTI to become the PM of Pakistan.

IMRAN SHAFIQ LAW EXPERT said that no excuse was accepted in Panama case and Nawaz Sharif was punished. He said that Imran Khan says only one thing that the accounting firm prepared the accounts and he only signed the documents. He said that for eight years Imran Kahn tried to conceal the party funds.

He said that Imran Khan took some gifts from toshakhana without paying any amount.

He said that no political party or the politician should be banned on the basis of the article 62 or 63.




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